Grant Funding

Future Grant Schemes - Farming Investment Fund

The future focus for support from the farming investment fund will be providing targeted support to businesses so that they can invest in equipment, technology, and infrastructure that will improve their productivity and deliver environmental and other public benefits.

The Farming Investment Fund for Equipment and Technology and Transformation will be open for applications in Autumn 2021.


Scheme description

This new support scheme is split into two strands for lower and higher value investments, each with a different application process:


Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (lower value investments)

Grants will be available towards the purchase cost of a list of specified, pre-determined items. Grants can be awarded for the purchase of multiple items.

Applications will be made by a quick and simple online application and approval process, with a clear grant value assigned to each item.


Farming Transformation Fund (higher value investments)

Grants will be available towards the cost of more substantial investments in equipment, technology or infrastructure, which has the ability to transform business performance.

There will be a two-stage application process, including an initial Expressions of Interest stage (EOI),  where the RPA will assess eligibility to guide applicants in preparation of their full applications. At the second stage, applications will be scored on their fit against our selection criteria before a decision on whether to award grant funding.

Eligible investments could include:

• on-farm water storage infrastructure, including reservoirs

• precision agriculture equipment (low emission and variable-rate nutrient or pesticide application)

• robotic or automated technology

• items to improve animal health

• specialist forestry equipment

• equipment and technology for storing, sorting, or processing products

• large-scale precision agriculture projects

• precision agriculture and low-emission nutrient application equipment

For an initial discussion on your project ideas please contact Keith Leddington-Hill or Phillip Norden on 01223 813622; Email